The NFL Believes This Is Worth A $30,000 Fine… REALLY?!

What Do Ya’ll Think ?!?

Looks Like A Good Time To Me… Makes Me Wish I Was In Cincinnati Last Sunday

NFL = No Fun League

Commissioner Goodell IS SUCH AN IDIOT… WACK!!


The Beautiful Olivia Munn…

Olivia Munn, I guess she is the host of something called “Attack of the Show”, heard of it?… Me either!  Anyway, I had no idea who this girl was until about a week ago, but after seeing her on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Last Call with Carson Daly… she may just be the future Mrs. Daniel Dudley… hell, I’ll be the future Mr. Olivia Munn for this girl! She’s just got this natural look about her… Damn!  Gentleman & Ladies… enjoy! (btw, has Atari ever looked that AmAzInG!?!) Read the rest of this page »


…i guess this is from some Robot Competition in Japan? or China? well whatever this is really cool for about a Minute… then i advise you to skip to 3:43 to see the coolest thing a robot has ever done, well since the Robot, lol (hint: MATRIX!)… WATCH NOW!

6 Things On My Mind Right Now?..

What’s good fam?!  I know it’s been a minute, but I’m back with a TON of good stuff for you to check out, read, watch, view, or whatever it is that you do on ddisbored.  So, without this being bogged down with my rambling, I’ll Re-introduce myself, by telling you what is on my mind?!

  1. Kentucky’s Freshman Guard, John Wall, is a BEAST! If  you missed the performance he put on against UConn Tonight, turn on ESPN or go to NOW, and watch the highlights of him kid is a DIAPER DANDY (haha, never again).  I can’t wait to watch more of him, primarily this month because the SEC sucks.  Also, shouts to my man also on Kentucky, First Team Preseason All-American, Patrick Patterson from Huntington, WV!  YESSIR!!
  2. Would you take a Flight to Space? Yes, A Flight To Space!! Well, for $200,000 you can do that in 2011.  No bull shit. But, what I wanna know is will they charge you $30 for your luggage?!  Check it Out Here.
  3. Where is the Freshman Class of Gangsta Rappers? Are they coming soon? or is Gangsta Rap over?  Because Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi, B.O.B, Big Sean, & Mike Posner, in my opinion, all come from the “Kanye West School of Hip-Hop”.  Where are the new “Hard”, “Street”, (insert rapper adjective here), MC’s at?  If they’re out there COMMENT BELOW!  Let me know where they at?!
  4. Why is Coca-Cola mass producing 7 oz cans of Soda? WORTHLESS,  All that means is that I’ll be forced to drink 14 ounces of soda, instead of my normal 12.  BAD IDEA COKE PEOPLE!  Almost as bad as remaking the Mean Joe Greene Commercial.
  5. WHY IS CONGRESS WASTING TIME WORKING ON COLLEGE FOOTBALL’S BCS!? Unless, they’re asking the NCAA to solve the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan… LEAVE IT ALONE CONGRESS!!
  6. I SLEPT WITH TIGER WOODS… don’t hate,  i want some of that sleazy publication money like everyone else!… Enquirer, TMZ, Perez, Us Weekly, HOLLA ATCHA BOI!!



dope picture 3

I Love Pictures … Half of the reason I started DDISBORED, was to post random pictures I would see while “web surfing” (do people still use that term? or is that so 90s?).  So, if you guys and girls reading this want to share some pictures you saw or have taken yourself.. send em to me and i’ll post ‘em!!  Here Are 5 BadAss Pictures I Found On Random Websites This Week… Read the rest of this page »


Precious is a new movie coming out this Friday… I know it’s getting tons of Oscar Buzz and it looks AMAZING!



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