Oh, How I Love The NBA Offseason!!

There has been a ton of movement this offseason in the NBA, but has there actually been a change?  Well, yes, but in my opinion not at the top!!  Call me bias or whatever, but I believe The Lake Show got stronger.  Well, before I get carried away, here are my 6 main thoughts on the NBA this offseason!


  1. Watch out for the Toronto Raptors this season!  Starting Lineup:  Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, Hedu Turkoglu, Demar DeRozen, & Jose Calderon… if you don’t know these names now, you’ll be talking about them in December!  Yep, Toronto is about to be a Basketball City!
  2. The Celtics are now the NBA’s retirement home… I mean that is if they weren’t before they signed Rasheed Wallace.  But in all seriousness, they are probably going to return to the NBA Championship.
  3. The Cav’s ended their season 2nd in the East, now i’m not sure what they’re doing!  Cleveland adding Shaq = good, missing out on Artest and Ariza = bad.  Bye Bye Lebron, see you with Jay-Z  in New Jersey in 2010!
  4. The Magic, ended their season, getting whipped by the Lakers in The Finals.  Now, they may not make it back to the Eastern Conference Championship.  How do you get rid of your playoff hero Hedu Turkoglu for old man Vince Carter?  I feel sorry for Dwight Howard & Co.
  5. If the Lakers Sign Lamar Odom, REPEAT!  Because Ron Artest just gave them a 20 point a night scorer and a lock down defender.  Which will save Kobe’s legs and energy.  They also re-signed Shannon Brown who is going to win 6th man of the year next season!
  6. Avery Johnson has the highest winning percentage for a coach in NBA History, and coached the Mavericks to the NBA Finals, but he doesn’t have a head coaching job?… Why? Who Knows?


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